Belsim: Help Productivity in Industrial Operations!

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June 2, 2024

Productivity in Industrial Operations

Belsim is a Data Intelligence-based industrial software that provides insight or translation in the form of data to run your productivity in industrial operations, so that your industry becomes more productive. In 1986 Belsim was born in Belgium as an industrial solution in the oil and gas, power generation, energy utilities and agriculture sectors.

In its operations, Belsim uses VALI technology, then Belsim, which is integrated with the VALI Software Suite, uses DVR and advanced modeling techniques to translate industrial process data into consistent, accurate and reliable information/insight. There are several products from Belsim that can be used which can be adapted to the industrial sector of the company, including: ValiProcessing, ValiProduction, ValiEnergy, and ValiUpstream.

How VALI works in Belsim in general is by automatically calculating key performance indicators with a high level of accuracy and reliability. Users can also add their own constraints, rules, and equations to the process model in a user-friendly way. There are several sector focuses in Belsim’s operations in industrial operations, namely:

5 Industrial Sectors That Can Be Operated With Belsim

A. Chemical Industry

In this digital era, several industries, especially in the chemical industry, will really need a support system like Belsim which can translate data for industrial operational productivity. Moreover, market demand is so high, a system is needed that can save on chemical industry operations, so that it can compete in the global market.

With more than 30 years of experience that has been developed by renowned engineers and AI technology that helps optimize this commodity application. Then users in the chemical industry can feel the benefits directly from hydrogen production units, ammonia production plants, methanol synthesis units, urea production plants, etc.

Because this unit or user has a lot of contact with processes and transformations that are very intense with energy, work processes, and also the application of the energy produced. Then with the help of Belsim, these users can take advantage of hybrid performance and can integrate these two requirements.

B. Downstream Industry

The downstream or oil and gas industry is also suitable for using the Belsim system for smooth operational processes such as production and monitoring the running of a machine. Downstream Industry is the main business that can be utilized by Belsim because several systems or types of applications and services are very compatible to be implemented.

There are two Belsim products that can be implemented for downstream industries, including:

  • Valiproduction

Belsim’s product, namely Valiproduction, is software that is used to provide clear reports related to reports from production accounting, analysis or monitoring of losses, inventory monitoring, KPI analysis, etc.

  • Valienergy

The procedure applied with this product is to provide a tool to monitor the energy performance parameters and KPIs of boilers, furnaces and cogeneration units, apart from that it can also be integrated with various types of equipment, namely turbines, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, etc. Then fuel and steam/energy utilities can be explained in detail.

This product can be run online and automatically, then can provide values ​​that can be reconciled for the specified KPIs as well as values ​​from instrument measurements. The results will later be saved into the system from the original data history or also into other databases, then can be visualized in the form of automatic reports and also customized manuals.

C. Midstream Industry

Belsim also has a system that can back up the midstream industrial sector, especially the gas processing industry. Belsim has also developed and implemented a monitoring system in energy performance management. In this industry, Belsim products that can be used are Valienergy & Valiprocessing.

The Vali application for gas processing plants is generally operated automatically, through a planned work concept, then based on time it can also be configured and adjusted according to technical requirements. After that, the data that has been collected will automatically be in the company database which has been validated and entered into the model before launching the reconciliation calculation. The data can then be visualized so that users can analyze it efficiently to see what has happened in a gas processing. Valiprocessing can be explained that this model is more focused and detailed on monitoring the performance of chemical and physical transformations that occur in processing.

D. Upstream Industry

In the upstream industry, the sector covered is the oil industry sector. The suitable Belsim product is to use Valiupstream. Where Valiupstream can be used in various ways. From the measurement process in the upstream industrial sector, this vali can provide values ​​with a high level of accuracy in several cases such as reducing inconsistencies in data that has been measured, for example the flow of oil, gas and water on the underwater surface.

E. Power Gen & Nucler Industry

In this industry, Belsim can also reach operational performance in the power generation & nuclear industry sectors. With services for modeling, monitoring and optimizing conventional and nuclear power plants. This model focuses on calculating core thermal power with high confidence and can integrate contributions from secondary and tertiary loop modeling. Increased confidence in the value of core thermal power reconciliation allows operators to increase plant power output, resulting in significant financial benefits and reduced investment. Reconciliation also helps identify and recalibrate faulty sensors and provides soft sensors for unmeasured or physically unmeasurable parameters (e.g. core thermal power).

Valienergy is a software product from Belsim which is suitable for use in this industry. Valienergy can translate data and insights regarding physical and chemical phenomena that occur in processing and the uses of these manufacturing machines.

Belsim is a suitable solution when companies need data intelligence software for their industry. Belsim can flexibly follow the needs of the company’s industry and with the data provided it can directly increase productivity for the company.

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