For over 50 years, Ansys has enabled innovators across various industries to push boundaries using the predictive power of simulation. Industries such as Energy, Materials & Chemicals Processing, Healthcare, and many more benefit from Ansys' advanced solutions.

Product Overview

Ansys provides the following solutions:
  1. ANSYS Mechanical, is a finite element analysis (FEA) software used for designing and optimizing components and systems. Key functions include structural analysis, dynamic analysis, thermal analysis, multiphysics coupling, and optimization. The usage involves importing CAD models, setting up materials and properties, applying loads, running simulations, and analyzing results with advanced visualization and post-processing tools.
  2. Ansys Fluent, is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software widely used for modeling fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical reactions. Main features include simulations of incompressible and compressible flows, heat transfer analysis, multiphase flow analysis, and reaction chemistry modeling.
  3. Ansys Chemkin, is specialized software for chemical kinetics and combustion simulation. It’s used extensively in industries like automotive and aerospace for analyzing combustion processes, fuel optimization, and sensitivity analysis. Key functionalities include modeling complex chemical reactions, optimizing fuel formulations, and conducting sensitivity analyses to identify critical factors affecting reactions.

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