BELSIM is the worldwide leader in the field of Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR).

Product Overview

VALI automatically computes key performance indicators with a high level of accuracy and reliability. Users can add their own constraints, rules and equations to the process model in a user-friendly way.
  1. ValiProcessing is the preferred solution licensed and utilized for the development of this type of application. The associated models are developed based on a rigorous description of the physical and chemical phenomena taking place in such a plant, by capturing both, the processing and utility, sides of the manufacturing process involved.
  2. ValiProduction module of Belsim-owned Vali DVR software is used for closing the overall refinery mass balance, delivering reconciled results for production accounting purposes, loss monitoring, inventory monitoring, production KPI monitoring, etc.
  3. ValiEnergy module of the Vali software delivers a tool for monitoring the energy performance parameters and KPIs of boilers, furnaces, and cogeneration units, as well as of various types of equipment, such as compressors, turbines, pumps, heat exchangers, etc. Fuel networks and steam/utility networks are described in detail.
  4. ValiUpstream brings you an online digital oil field solution. Our software VALI will help you to determine the flow rates of your wells without investment in additional sensors or hardware. In Upstream, VALI can be used in different ways such as for Back Allocation and Virtual Metering.

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