OLI Systems

OLI Systems, a global leader in electrolyte chemistry modeling and simulation, delivers comprehensive process modeling solutions for water chemistry-based industrial applications. These solutions enhance operational efficiency, sustainability, and engineering productivity while mitigating risk for over 500 organizations in sectors including oil & gas, metals & mining, nuclear energy, chemicals, water management, utilities, and defense.

Product Overview

OLI System offers network as well as cloud-based license for the software listed below:
  1. OLI Studio: Delivering in-depth insights on behavior of electrolyte and nonelectrolyte streams with first principles-based prediction of multi-point equilibrium calculations for multi-component systems across a broad range of operating conditions to increase operations efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.
  2. OLI Engine: Use OLI Engine Windows APIs for custom Windows applications or access the OLI Engine from commercial process simulators to deliver rigorous and accurate insights on the behavior of electrolyte and nonelectrolyte streams to increase operations efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Support Process Simulation for Electrolyte Property Package.
  3. OLI Flowsheet – ESP: Deliver in-depth chemistry analysis on behavior of of electrolyte and nonelectrolyte streams for more effective process design and operations using with first principles based thermodynamic models to simulate chemical processes with unit operations.
  4. OLI property package also available for Process Simulation Software such as Aspen HYSYS and other applications.

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