P2 by IFS

P2 by IFS Solutions provides solutions for both the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors, as well as the alternative energy sector.

Product Overview

To operate assets effectively and make timely business decisions, P2’s Field Data Capture solution provides a robust system for easily collecting and validating both automated and manual data from facilities and the field.
P2 Provides six solutions as below:
  1. Geospatial Data: Intelligent geospatial data solutions that allow users to make critical land and lease decisions with confidence and ease.
  2. Land Management: Flexible and scalable land software that manages the entire workflow from lease acquisition to land administration and divestiture.
  3. Financial Accounting: Accounting software designed to simplify complex accounting operations and provide a 360° view into your company’s financial performance.
  4. Production Operations: Industry production software to help upstream operators boost production, minimize unplanned downtime, cut expenses, and increase cash flow.
  5. Mining Production Solutions: Mining production solutions that help maximize labor resources, improve efficiencies, and ensure the effectiveness of your supply chain from pit to ship.
  6. The Power of P2: Streamlined workflows and automated business processes. Improved accuracy, lower OPEX and higher profitability.

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