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Built and established in December 1988, started in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a team of three people who are keen to make a difference in Indonesian industries.

PT. Danan Wingus Sakti has now branched out to several locations in Indonesia, such as: Balikpapan and Palembang, with hopes that we can come closer to the customers to improve our working efficiency 

Serving Indonesia Widely Since 1988

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Our comprehensive reach ensures that no matter where your operations are located, you can rely on our expertise and premium products. 

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Industry expertise

Decades of Service in Key Industries

Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each sector.

Oil & Gas



EPCC & Shipbuilding

Specialty Chemicals

New & Renewable Energy

Power Generation & Utilities

Water & Waste
Water Treatment


Process Equipment

Built for Safety & Advanced Operations

Global high-quality equipment waiting at your site
Williams provides high-quality industrial valves and related products, known for their durability and reliability. Their solutions are designed to ensure optimal performance and safety in various industrial applications.
Kenco offers innovative level measurement and control solutions for industrial processes. Their products are built to enhance efficiency and accuracy in monitoring and managing fluid levels.

Process Technology

Advanced Technology
Leading Operations

Guiding you to optimal results with extensive experience and expertise, using the best tools worldwide.
AspenTech delivers advanced software solutions for optimizing asset performance and operational efficiency. Their technology helps industries improve productivity and reduce operational risks.
P2 Solutions by IFS specializes in software for the energy industry, focusing on asset management and operational efficiency. Their solutions help streamline processes and enhance decision-making in energy operations.
Belsim provides data validation and reconciliation software to improve process performance and reliability. Their tools help industries achieve accurate and consistent data for better operational control.

OLI Solutions offers electrolyte chemistry modeling software to predict and analyze chemical processes. Their solutions are essential for designing and optimizing chemical processes in various industries.

ANSYS provides simulation software to help engineers design and optimize products across industries. Their tools enable virtual testing and analysis, reducing the need for physical prototypes.

Pipenet offers fluid flow analysis software for designing and optimizing piping systems. Their solutions ensure efficient and safe fluid transport in various industrial applications.

Instrucalc provides instrumentation calculation software for designing and selecting process control instruments. Their tools simplify the process of determining the right specifications for optimal performance.

Our Services

Comprehensive Services

We ensure your effective operations and performance, professionally guiding you to optimal implementations with our technology and equipment.


Product Training

Expert-led training programs to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to operate and maintain your systems efficiently


Product Implementation

Seamless implementation services to ensure your technology and equipment are integrated smoothly into your operations.


Package System

Custom-designed packaged systems tailored to meet your specific operational needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability.


Onshore / Offshore
Maintenance & Services

Reliable service and maintenance to keep your systems running at peak performance and minimize downtime

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are offered by PT DWS?

We offer a variety of products and services specifically designed for industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Specialty chemicals, Mining, and more. These include process simulation technology, manufacturing supply chain software, predictive maintenance, mechanical design, data management systems, and others

In addition to software, we also provide various equipment such as valves, chemical pumps, and other instrumentation products. You can view the products we offer on the Process Technology & Process Equipment

We provide various services ranging from consulting, assembly, to calibration and servicing of pump packages. Additionally, we offer workshop and training services, both online and onsite, for all the products and solutions we provide to ensure that your team can use our products effectively and efficiently
You can contact our sales team through the contact form on our website to schedule a demo or request a trial version of our software.
You can contact our sales team through the contact form on our website. We will get back to you to understand your needs in more detail so that we can provide a quote that is appropriate and a suitable solution.
We understand that each company has unique needs. Please contact us so that our team can assist you in providing solutions and consultations for your specific requirements.
You can contact our sales team through the contact form on our website to request this, and our team will be happy to assist you.

News & Insight

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2 Jun 2024

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Belsim: Help Productivity in Industrial Operations!

P2 by IFS Solutions: A New Style of Industrial Technology That Simplifies Operations

2 Jun 2024

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P2 Solutions by IFS: A New Style of Industrial Technology That Simplifies Operations

One of the new styles to facilitate factory operations is industrial technology from P2 by IFS Solutions. P2 was founded in 1999 as an energy auction exchange with ambitious plans to use the internet as a means of efficiency in the upstream petroleum industry. 

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